Lead quality powered by man and machine.

Analog ignition, digital acceleration.

Our custom-built data platform allows us to work smarter and faster, accelerating our quality of lead generation when scaling a campaign.

LeadLab was developed for our team with growth in mind, to process big data across multiple platforms, multiple campaigns and custom funnels.

Understanding where the source of quality data is acquired from is crucial to our business model. LeadLab provides us with that knowledge.

What does LeadLab mean for you?

As a partner or lead buyer, our LeadLab platform allows us to process your feedback data fast, and with precision.

You simply send us your feedback periodically and LeadLab will process it for our team to optimise the acquisition process.

The result? An increase in the quality of the leads you purchase from us.

Fast Data Processing for quick campaign modifications

Machine learning for more accurate results

Higher quality leads sourced with precision

Improved lead qualification & contact rate

Higher conversion rates

“Without data and insight, we are just a team full of opinions.
With the right data, we can learn more and make better decisions.”

– Steven Fee, MPL